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Tradeweb holds a position as one of the leading fixed income marketplaces for green bond trading in the world, hosting an extensive global community of institutional participants. We believe that a sustainable global financial system is a necessity, and with increased availability of ESG data and research we will have a better understanding of potential operational opportunities for improvement and related risks to address.

Each day 20,000+ clients connect to Tradeweb forming a network of the world’s largest banks, asset managers, hedge funds and insurance companies. Over 40 products, in more than 65 countries across the globe, are traded on our electronic marketplaces.

Data & Green Bond Functionality

Our multi-asset offering differentiates us from other trading venues, with a marketplace that includes access to government bonds, derivatives, credit and mortgages, to name a few. We offer clients simple access to all their green and social bond trading needs, across a wide range of asset classes.

YTD 2024* CBI screened Green Bonds accounted for $204.6B of the total $215.2B in Green Bond trading volume executed on Tradeweb. This represents an increase of 37% from the same period in 2023.

YTD 2024* Green Bond Trading Volume Highlights


Total Green Bond Trading Volume


CBI Screened Green Bonds and $10.6B non-aligned issuer labelled. Of the $204.6B aligned:


European Government Bonds


European Credit


US High-Grade Credit


Other Government Bonds

CBI screened Green Bonds are aligned with CBI definitions of 'Green' as of 06.30.2024
*Data as of 06.30.2024

Tradeweb is focused on assisting our clients’ sustainable investment strategies by arming them with tools to efficiently identify and highlight green bonds and other ESG-related securities on our platform.

    Flags to identify green bonds available in:
  • EUGV
  • Global Credit
  • Chinese Bonds
  • Convertibles
  • Repo

our Data

Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI) is an international, investor-focused not-for-profit and the only organisation working solely on mobilising the $100 trillion bond market for climate change solutions. This year Tradeweb become an official Partner of CBI. As an active supporter of the advancement of Green and Sustainable finance, we are excited about this initiative and how it better serves the needs of our clients. CBI data powers our Green Bond trading volumes, providing clients with desired transparency.

Data integrity and transparency

Collaboration on market-leading intelligence

Support for sustainable finance solutions

Client Focus

Our role has always been to reduce complexity while enhancing the effectiveness of traders, through the application of advanced technology and collaborative innovations with the industry. We go beyond trade execution and work to improve every stage of their workflow. This includes anticipating how markets evolve and utilizing predictive analytics. This is no more the case than with ESG. From early on, we have listened to our clients whose trusted, longstanding relationships have fueled the expansion of our businesses across geographies and into new products.

Tradeweb is chosen above other marketplaces because of our ongoing commitment to partnering with clients to build better markets. And we hope that continues as we strive to create a more sustainable world.

We recently fielded a survey of our buy-side clients to obtain a greater understanding of their Green/ESG/Social and Impact Investing strategies. With this information in hand, we were able to identify what data points they are using to implement these strategies, and assess how we may be able to better serve their trading decisions in this area.


of respondent firms have an ESG Strategy


of the 35% that do not have an ESG strategy, plan to implement one in the future


of respondents provide an ESG option as a firm-level strategy or as part of their firm-defined climate change mitigation or sustainability mandate


of respondents use third party ESG Ratings to help make investment decisions

Our Philanthropic initiatives

At Tradeweb we have always encouraged strong corporate citizenship, ongoing philanthropic partnership and employee volunteerism.

Learn more about Tradeweb Cares, our community service.

Sustainability Action Network

Tradeweb’s Sustainability Action Network provides our employees with an opportunity to shape the way Tradeweb approaches our environmental impact. The network brings together employees from various disciplines to ensure sustainability is integrated into all that we do at Tradeweb; from recycling & upcycling, to our corporate environmental footprint, to educating employees on the issues facing our planet, and more.

Sustainability Action Network

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